Complaint Policy & Procedures

The Language Link Interpretation Division is focused on continuous improvement, as we believe it is a cornerstone to good customer service. Any issue noted by our clients, Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and interpreters is taken seriously and an error that results in the delay or degradation of service is of utmost importance.

Upon receiving notice of an issue, whether technical or personnel related, Language Link will follow up with the all parties involved and offer a resolution when the investigation is complete.

We encourage our CSRs and Interpreters to inform us as soon as possible of any issues they notice so that we may address them immediately, before they rise to the level of a customer complaint.

If it is determined that the feedback is about an interpreter and specifically violates a code of conduct issue, Language Link will abide by the corrective action guide outlined in our HCA contract as such:

  • Counseling or verbal warning
  • Written warning
  • Suspension of services
  • Termination

Your portal allows you to submit feedback forms regarding Language Link personnel, your portal and interpreter issues or praise. Resolution will be tracked and monitored according to our Incident Resolution Process and viewable through the portal.

Check out our quick Interpreter Feedback Form Training in the Provider Portal Training, here: Interpreter Feedback

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