Scheduling Portals

The following will reflect the portal scheduling guidelines our systems uses to offer appointments to our interpreters. Appointments are offered via the online portal based on a 9-hour (Business Day) time schedule. This will be shown in the following scenarios as the “business day” time frame relates to mileage per the HCA contract.

Job #1 – Provider posts job Monday at 6pm


For jobs that a specific interpreter is requested by the provider, they will be posted with the following circumstances as designated by the HCA contract:

  • Medically necessary
  • Continuity of care
  • Religious or cultural specific requests
  • When necessitated by age

The following scenarios for requested interpreters will show this posting process as the “business day” timeframe relates to mileage per the HCA contract.

Job #2 – Interpreter requested and posts on Monday at 8am


Job #3 – Interpreter requested and posts on Monday at 6pm


PLEASE NOTE: Jobs posted by providers with less than 48 hours to be filled will be offered to ALL interpreters immediately whether; an interpreter is requested or not.

Portal Statuses

New – The appointment is new and pending approval by HCA if it is a medical assignment.

Not Eligible – The client is not eligible for interpreter services OR the client’s first name, last name, date of birth or member id did not match HCA records. Language Link will not provide an interpreter for this appointment. (this status is only used for medical assignments)

Eligible – The appointment has been approved by HCA and is pending interpreter assignment.

Request more time – The appointment has been approved, but it means that the job is past the two-business-days window to fill the assignment and Language Link is requesting more time to locate an interpreter. Once an interpreter is secured you will see the status change to “Filled” and an interpreter’s name will appear next to the status.

Filled – The appointment has been filled by an interpreter.

Cannot fill – There are no available interpreters for your appointment.