Western State Hospital (WSH) Security Update! 1-2018

Hello Interpreter,

Western State Hospital (WSH) has notified Language Link that they have updated security check in and out procedures. To prepare for assignments at WSH and ensure the safety and security of you, the staff, and patients being treated at WSH, please follow the guidelines below for the following units.

Interpreter Check-In

  • Forensic Unit:
    • Check in at the security office
    • Only unit where security is involved in checking the interpreter in/out. This unit is the only place where lockers are provided for personal items. Prohibits contraband (see below for details)
  • Civil Unit:
    • Check in through the Communications center, located in the central campus
    • In this unit, cell phones are permitted but cannot be used while with a patient. All other contraband are prohibited (see below for details)
      • Items Considered contraband:
        • Cell phones
        • Pocket Knifes
        • Sharp objects
        • Etc…
      • No Metal allowed on person during appointment
      • After being checked in, you will be given a walkthrough of security and privacy policies, a visitor’s badge and then staff will contact the requesting provider
      • If using a pen/pencil for note taking during the appointment, the pen/pencil *MUST* remain in your possession at all times.

Interpreter Check-Out

  • Make sure your guest badge is visible for exit of the facility.
  • Present picture identification upon request
  • Return guest badge at appropriate locations as directed

Please note: Not wearing the assigned guest badge or failure to provide proper identification upon request may result in a delay of entry, delay or denial of services, or delay of exit.

Best Regards,

Interpreter Relations